Arizona. It’s a land of opportunity, whether you were born here or whether you came from somewhere else in search of something better. It’s a lot like America in that respect. It’s about the freedom to have a truly exceptional quality of life. 

But it’s been hard the past few years. Americans as a whole have struggled, but Arizonans have weathered a far worse storm. The common thread among us is that we want to make our communities better, yet sometimes we are frustrated and feel like it’s too much to take on.

It’s time to get back to basics. It’s time to work to create jobs for all Arizona residents. To provide our children with the educational opportunities they deserve. To make our communities safer places to live. And to tackle the hard problems, side by side, with everyone having a voice.

Arizona is not about the big-wigs at the state Capitol. It’s about the very reasons we all call this wonderful state our home.  Let’s end the polarizing gamesmanship that only advances political careers and instead focus on everything that makes the State of Arizona exceptional.  Together, let’s focus on creating Arizona’s brightest future.  Let’s use Arizona’s incredible advantages to improve our State and the quality of life for all Arizona’s residents.

Welcome to the web site for Hugh Hallman, Republican candidate for Arizona State Treasurer. We invite you to learn more about Hugh’s vision for helping Arizona realize its potential

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