Official web site of Hugh Hallman, Republican Candidate for Arizona State Treasurer

I'm running for State Treasurer because it's time our state got its fiscal house in order. It's time we balance Arizona's budget in a real and sustainable way. 

It just makes sense, and it's at the core of conservative beliefs. A balanced budget leads to more limited government. Less federal intervention. Lower taxes. Fiscal responsibility. And ensuring the services government does provide are done efficiently. 

If we balance our budget and fix our tax structure, we'll likely be able to lower taxes. We'll spark economic growth. We'll improve the quality of our schools and education. And we'll be prepared for both the good times and the bad. 

My credentials and background make me uniquely qualified to serve as State Treasurer: to manage the Treasurer’s Office staff and the state’s revenues, to stop spending that's not supported by state and federal law, and to chair the state’s Investment Board that is charged with managing the state’s investments.

But Arizonans deserve more from this office. We need to create a system where we have real  balanced budgets, and we need to spend taxpayer dollars on education and other key services the right way, for the best possible results. And that's what I plan on bringing to the State Treasurer's Office.

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